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Thursday Doors – Same Address

Sometimes when I am out walking I have a specific thing I am looking for. This time I was looking for houses with my old address. None of these are my old house, but I enjoyed the search anyway.


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Today’s Blooms

As I was out and about in the city today I found some very fun Blooms in purple. And we all know the color purple does not like to be overlooked and ignored. One if these offerings is a tiny phlox stem that pushed its way at the edge of the sidewalk. The pansy was a decorative element to an outdoor eating area. The chive flowers are from a small container garden. This is way more explanation than they need. But these all put a smile on my face.

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Thursday Doors

Today’s doors are from duplex houses. Not a lot in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. I found these and loved the doors being unique.

Even though the building is one and the doors are the same style, the doors are very different. I do like the way they painted to enhance the beautiful doors.

These homes selected the same colors.

Only the numbers of the homes are different on these doors. They are like twins who only want to be a little bit different.


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Thursday Doors – My House

Part of what I am looking at with doors are houses similar to the one I grew up in. It has been torn down and replaced with a true McMansion now on 2 city lots with it’s own basketball court indoor and outdoors.

What I am presenting to you today are some of the “cottage” style homes that have some of the same attributes as my childhood home. Since I dabble in a couple other forms of art I have wanted to do a painting just for me. My home will be a compilation of the door from one, the roof line of another and so on. This will only be in my faded memory since I have not yet found adequate photos , but I can still smell the flowers that grew there.