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A Photo A Week Challenge: Yellow


“The Calla Lilies  are in bloom again…”  Katharine Hepburn in “Stage Door.” Love the quote and the flower, here in the Midwest they do not winter outdoors, so seeing them bloom is a happy thing.

Right now the garden has a few other yellow contributions and a great-grandson brought out a collection.

The other place I go to is always a quilt.  Someone once told me that if a quilt has only a small percentage of yellow fabric it is classified as a yellow quilt.  I think that he combination of yellow and another color often makes a beautiful quilt and I love all the shades of yellow.

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A Photo A Week Challenge: Atop


This is one of the views from the Piper aircraft we flew in around Anchorage, Alaska.  This is an area where three glaciers come together and have formed a lake from the “calving” off the glaciers.


This was taken from the open door of the Piper as we landed on the waters of that lake.  The small iceberg in the photo is larger than the aircraft we flew in.


Another view from the airplane as we are going back to Anchorage.  You can see the tall buildings in the background with some of Anchorage spread out below us.  There is a lot of water and a lot of large trees within the city so a surprisingly large number of wild animals live within the city itself.

Probably one of the best trips I have ever taken, and if anyone ever asks you to go, do not hesitate, just say… Yes!

<a href=””>Atop</a&gt;





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100th Blog Post


I guess I am the only one truly impressed with this feat. When I hit the button to publish, no confetti fell from the sky nor did some band strike up the music.  It was just me sitting with my laptop and a total feeling of satisfaction.


I can say with full authority, that I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this. It was kind of like my turning 70, I truly did not plan for this to happen.  I thought I would put up some pictures of the adventures I was having as I was spending my summer in Alaska and turning 70 while I was there.


My original purpose was to communicate with my family in a simple fashion, so I did not feel the need to call everyone regarding my circumstances.  I found that I was getting way more feedback from strangers, than loved ones.  I truly have been enjoying the process of the research and the photography and the writing. I also think some of my skills in these areas has improved.

I did not expect this to become almost like a part-time job for me. I fully intended to stop when I left Alaska, that is no longer the case.  I have jumped into a bloggers universe and am trying to follow-up on a couple of challenges.


I am working on a weekly photography challenge and a daily color challenge.  The color challenge last for only 120 days otherwise that would take over everything else.  I am still doing some of my travel blogging.  In my case it all ties into my age, not getting any younger, and the adventures I am still in search of.


I hope that readers will continue on my adventures and I hope I inspire some of you to take your own adventures, however that presents itself to you.  Huge “Thank You” if you have read and or commented or like any of my posts.  Please stay with me for I truly feel “the best is yet to come.”

the best.jpg


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This is a  weekly photo challenge.

Last summer I spent in Anchorage Alaska and had some incredible experiences.  One of the wonderful things I was able to do was attend the Alaska State Fair. This is well known for it’s gigantic food.  Due to the long summer days of 20 plus hours of daylight and sunshine, things grow extraordinarily large here. So I would like to share a few with you.





Due to the fact that many of the oversized vegetables are on display for about 2 weeks, they are no longer edible.  So the Fair donates the food to a wild animal rescue organization and I will include that as well.


Since my heart and soul always seems to come back to quilts, I will include one as well, but please don’t eat the food theme quilt.