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99 Words – Carry On

November 11, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using the phrase “carry on.” It can be an expression of perseverance or behaving in a particular way. It can even be luggage you take when traveling. Go where the prompt leads!

Respond by November 16, 2021. Use the comment section below to share, read, and be social. You may leave a link, pingback, or story in the comments. If you want to be published in the weekly collection, please use the form.  Rules & Guidelines.

Carry On

It may just be time to carry on, not sure, my life feels like it’s a state of limbo, not here nor there just is. How do you move on from years being completely motionless and no place in sight to recover. Carry on.

What do I need to carry, my history, my future, my family? Carry on.

If I am not ready what’s my outcome. Left alone. Stay behind. Lie down.

Don’t you cry or sleep. Carry on.

Pack it in. Carry on.

Time to lead the way for others to follow. Carry on.

No choices. Carry on.

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Photo by Craig Adderley on

I am kind of newish to the blogging universe and still pretty unsure of my exact lane. I began this as a summer project the year I went to Alaska to work for the summer. I thought it would be a good way to let family and friends know what I was doing with my time there and introduce some of them to the joy of travel, the joy of new experiences and the beauty we call Alaska. It didn’t, they don’t read it.

I did not expect to find my joy in story telling and writing on a regular basis again. I was lucky enough to meet some incredible people in Alaska who are still part of my life. I also found again a resilience in myself that had taken a back seat to life.

So what brings me to today and this blog, 9/11 20 years ago and my reflection. I want very much to call a few of my co-workers from back then and ask their experience. We all worked for an airline that was deeply impacted and involved.

I watched my computer screen block out information to me that had been visible earlier. My boss called and said stop responding to our customers and working remotely is now canceled. I was answering customer comments at that time and was amazed at the truly ugly things some people choose to say. I was also amazed by a person on the other side of the world who offered comfort and prayers.

No mater what level of position you had with an airline you were greatly impacted that day. The profound level of loss I experienced that day sometimes still brings me to my knees. I lost my job 3 separate times with the same airline and had an incredible time finding another one, they all assumed once the air travel resumed I would be called back, that did not happen. I saw what should have been my retirement funds and the shares I purchased as an employee greatly diminish. I lost who I was. I also like many of you lost people I knew aboard the aircraft.

In my mind as I was getting closer to retirement age I had found “my” company and job. In my mind, I would work there for the rest of my working days and felt a loyalty that doesn’t exist in most jobs today. Today I feel that same sense of sorrow but feel a level of loneliness that must be survivor guilt with a touch of PTSD tossed in.

I expect nothing anymore after having been told by many people that I should have been compensated for all the financial loss. By who? the terrorists? my company? the government? Many told me that if I only lived closer to New York I would have been part of one of the many class action law suites. Ha. It to some extent it still feels like an island because there is no organized way to connect with others who may have been in my situation.

Many of my colleagues were quite a bit younger than I was and were able to rebuild their retirement funds. Some went on to completely new career choices and thrived in other industries. I think this incident was so much larger than any single company could handle and perhaps a unified front to offer counseling and advice on all levels at how to pull your life back together. I think the companies impacted were so busy at simply trying to keep the doors open and planes in the air. I still think that to this day I could benefit from some professional advice, unlike the physician I went to who said simply “Your alive so get over it.”

I have no ending to these rambling thoughts, just hope that tomorrow will be better and after we come out on the good side of this pandemic I am sure there will be many like me who will feel adrift and alone.

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My Olympics – Part 2

My intention was not to stretch this out but I got very distracted by the current Olympic programing. The unusual hours from the other side of the world and my obsession with all things Olympic.

Ticket from the Winter Olympics I attended.

The outside media drama is a bit frustrating for me this year, reporters trying to one up everyone else should be a sporting event where we award the medals. One aspect being reported is the true friendships between athletes. The two gentlemen from different countries who competed in the high jump. At one point they were tied and an official came up and gave them an option of having a jump-off to see who would win the gold medal. They chose to keep it a tie and they each received a medal.

While running a race one athlete accidentally tripped the runner in front of him. They both fell on the track in a heap. The front runner at that position was going to medal. They helped each other up and finished the rest of the race together coming in the last two. The one who did the tripping waited for the other to cross the finish line first. That is the sense of competition we don’t hear about enough.

I am happy to admit this years Olympics did not disappoint me. I am still glued to the TV for the end of this, then happily waiting for the Winter Olympics.

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My Olympics – Part 1

I fully remember as a child watching the news about the Olympics and rembering how my whole family was interested. I grew up with 4 brothers and 1 sister and a mom who was always interested in athletes. My dad also was a big sports fan and played sports before he had 6 kids. The Olympics was always revered as having the best of the best.

I also remember that a children’s foot race at the company picnic if one of us won he was very proud. He took us ice skating or to football games and mom took us to the beach and baseball games. If there was a unique sporting event, we were there. ( Can’t remember what it was called, but some international sporting event nearby. We had tickets to attend even if he couldn’t. )

I also grew up in a sport crazed city, Chicago, and we watched everything. I wish I knew all the sports he did as a young man. My mom chided him a bit about how he kept his sport appetite and not the physique. They met while roller skating.

All this said, I love the Olympics and all that surrounds it. From archery to wrestling I will watch the Olympics games. I also have been fortunate enough to attend a summer Olympics and a winter Olympics. Also still hope that I might get another one in while I can still move and enjoy it. If you ever have the opportunity, don’t think twice, just say Yes and find some part of the program to love and enjoy. Maybe it’s the free events that are not really Olympic events or maybe it’s the free portion of actual events. The marathon usually begins and ends in a stadium requiring tickets. Most of that event will be run on city streets with spectators lining many portions of it, with no ticket required. Bike racing is done on the streets, like the Tour De France, find out the route and feel the joy as they speed past in seconds. Some aspects of the winter sports are also done on more open track settings.

One of the event tickets saved

Summer Olympics have way more events in lots of locations and tickets are slightly lower priced as a result but just as intense. Some of the water events not done in a pool will have places across the river/lake from the stands that you may be able to watch a portion of the race as well. So it is possible to have a lower budget and not break the bank on your tickets.

I have had friends get a bit whiney about a TV show being pre-empted during the games. A couple who this year have said “It’s just not the same without fans. ” Duh. I however am thoroughly enjoying everything.

Sorry this is a bit of a ramble and too many topics at once but I am busy watching TV. This year’s Olympics have brought joy, sorrow and all the feelings in between and I am loving every day.

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99 Words – What Meltdown

Not sure if I ever really had one, stiff upper lip and all that drivel. As a child it was certainly not allowed by my mother. Maybe I was never allowed to have expectations that would make me feel special or wanted. Other than get good grades.

An adult now, so I get to set the standards, but how does that feel I’ve no idea. Real feelings hurt too much so lets not go there. A true meltdown might be a good thing. I watch as global-warming melts glaciers. Maybe I can melt myself enough to feel real once?

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Thursday Doors – Patriotic

Part of my July 4th collection. Many have the decorations up for quite a while. I do appreciate the extra effort. I also met a neighbor who was outside while I was walking and taking photos. So I got a bonus with this week’s edition.❤

Bunting and a flag.
Eagle and flag.
Another eagle and flag.
Like the decorated chairs.
Uncle Sam in the chair.
The main door is hidden but the 2nd floor has the bunting.
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Thursday Doors – Churches

One of the things you notice walking in the neighborhood are the churches. There are a lot of them. Here are a few doors/entrances from the North side of Chicago. Some are active and some have stopped serving as houses of worship a long time ago.

This is a modern church, maybe the 60’s.
Now converted to apartments.
Another apartment conversion.
Still an active church.
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99 Words – Rainbow Cat

June 24, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a cat named Rainbow on an outdoor adventure. Rainbow is any cat of any identification. What would draw a cat outside? Go where the prompt leads!

Respond by June 29, 2021. Use the comment section below to share, read, and be social. You may leave a link, pingback, or story in the comments. If you want to be published in the weekly collection, please use the form.  Rules & Guidelines.

Observe cats from a long distance always so they can’t take control of your mind, especially if she plays with rainbows.

I watched our cat, Rainbow, playing with the tail end of a rainbow once and she has taken control of me. I now serve her food in the good dishes and never run out of treats. Her yarn ball is always handy to roll and the dog must allow room for her in my bed. Life is not the same.

Would anyone ever pick a cat with stripes of red/orange, yellow/brown. Not I, well maybe just once more.

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Thursday Doors – Birthday

Today I am not using my own photos, today is my personal cheat day. Today is my 75th birthday and this is a way for me to avoid pontificating about my old lady wisdom. Here are a couple of fun ideas the internet provided. I also think I will use some of these for the next young or older persons birthday. I am old enough that just a birthday wish, sincerely sent is truly all I need. No doors please.🙂

Simple balloons and streamers.
Great banner for an interior door.

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Note Dame before the fire.

Airbnb has a contest/competition going on right now for a most fabulous prize. One year at Airbnb locations, or I guess 10 months, you need to be home for 2 months of the year. I think I blew my entry.

In my defense it was very early this morning when I did this and I had no coffee in me at all. I did not read the fine print and I did hit submit.

Arizona cactus.

Not having 2nd thoughts, but did not do enough to sell myself. I have traveled to 14 different countries, that is 14 more than most people I know. Not anywhere near the 100 I set out to do many years ago. I read about a Century Club which was for people who traveled to 100 or more countries, I once had lofty goals.

In front of the Berlin Wall.

I also have been luck enough to have lived in 5 different states, from one coast to another. I have visited 45 states and would like to get to 50. I don’t know if territories count but I have also been to Puerto Rico.

Main Square in Krakow.

This sounds like Grandma’s Brag Book. That us not what I intended. I was just putting out a plea on my blog if anyone has a connection with Airbnb, please put in a good word for me? #airbnb

Buckingham Palace gates.