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County Fair – 4

Tractors and other antiques are a large part of this Fair. We have quite a few who bring out the antique tractors and one of the days we have a tractor parade. All the vintage tractors are started up and wind their way around the fairgrounds. Great fun for young and old alike.

My absolute favorite are the antiques. We have for many years had people bring in their family’s antiques. There are a huge variety of categories and I will share just a few for you

One of the traditions in my family was to go the day of the judging of antiques. The fairgrounds are in Woodstock, IL, the county seat also an old school small town. Most business is done around the square in the center of town and the courthouse was once located their. The park in the center of town has a bandstand for the summer concerts and the lawn hosts the farmers markets and fairs and festivals.

One of the off shoots in the square are the antique shops. The town boasts many old houses and buildings. The county fair taking advantage of the knowledge of the antique dealers uses them for judges. The judging process takes quite a while and they go through each category and tell you why one item is chosen over the others. The knowledge from the judges over the years is amazing. So I would sit there and soak up as much as

As the sign says when you are driving out, “See You Next Year.”

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Thursday Doors – Golden Age

Recently I was able to tour a museum that was originally a mansion from the Golden Age. All my doors today are from the Driehaus Museum, 40 E Erie St, Chicago, IL. The grand front entrance gives a clue of what is inside.

The first door after the entrance doors is extremely elaborate and my photo does not do it justice. Many of the interior doors are pocket doors that appear to be intact and just not visible. The doorway that the pocket door is in is almost two feet wide.

Many of the doors that would have closed rooms off have been removed. Because this is no longer a family home and the rooms need to be open to allow visitors to travel through easily. The main floor is very much furnished as it would have been at the time, the next two floors have minimal items in them but are still quite beautiful.

The final door is very much a modern door for access and looks as if it replaces a door that would have been used by the household help but certainly does not detract from the exterior.

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Today’s Blooms – White

From a 1 inch, the first photos to about 8 inches, the second photo, I love them all. A colleague once had a discussion about her gardens. She had grouped hers based on the colors of the blooms. On one side of her home were only white flowers and it just sounded so lovely. I can see all of these commanding space in their own garden.

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County Fair – 3

Food. Such a great tie in to all of us. Not the fast food we grab and go or the famous deep fried everything. The food for our every day’s and special days that someone raised to benefit us all.

This is the fresh from the garden food. The cooked and canned food was still coming in the doors to be judged later. Some of the judging was happening as I took photos.

I am including the 4H food with this because to look at it there is no way it looks different from the adult entries. I do enjoy watching the judging and have always learned something new as I listened the 4H judges used the same criteria as for the open class.

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Thursday Doors – Random

I like to invent a theme or find a theme among the houses I am taking a photo of the doors. This week, these were some of the doors I walked past on my way home from the farmers market. No theme emerged nor a pattern.

These are all large nice houses near the lake and down a street I don’t usually walk. The fun for me was just looking at the house styles and large trees and yards. Kind of boring but very pleasant.

I did find a bounce house for a child’s party and I simply couldn’t pass it up. We know there must be a door but it was safely away from the road. So Happy Birthday to the lucky child. I think I need the adult version for my next birthday.

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County Fair – 2

The animals draw me in every time which is why in the past I came home with some. This year I did not visit the cute rabbits and chickens or ducks. Far too much temptation to bring home.

Judging was going on for pigs so that barn was difficult to maneuver. Some of the other judging was happening as well so I did not stay as long as usual and take multiple photos of random cute cows. But we have a few to share.

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County Fair – 1

The Fair started today in McHenry County Illinois. I love the fact that this was always a rural area and still has many farms and this Fair reflects that. It has many traditional categories and some unconventional ones as well.

I will be showing mostly photos over the next couple of weeks. I only wish to convey a small portion of the fun. In true Fair fashion it was hot and dusty today. Yes, you can smell the animals. The performing in the grandstand begins later. The rides are all set up and ready to toss and spin you around. Those amazing food booths are tempting us all to eat.

As a child I went to county fairs where my cousins lived in a very rural area. I was a city kid and we did not have a fair, we did have carnivals with rides and food. So when I moved here I made sure my children went into the 4-H and Dairy and Goats etc, etc to know where your food comes from. So I will share my views of the fair.

My favorites are the quilting and sewing categories.

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Thursday’s Doors – Downtown

I could not pass up the doors downtown this week. All of these are on my favorite type of buildings, the older ones. No stop to check the actual dates because I was on my way to the theater. I do not want to be that person.

Door to the bridge tenders room.

We have many of these buildings, 2 on each bridge. The place for the person who operates opening the bridge to allow tall ships to pass through.

Opera House doors, maybe 30 foot opening.
About 20 feet high.
City Hall doors.
Monument with Standing Beast

This is a fiberglass sculpture by Jean Dubuffet. I chose to include this because the openings could serve as doors and you can walk through this. It’s also not that old. Unveiled in 1984, so I threw in a ringer this week.