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Thursday Doors – Golden Age

Recently I was able to tour a museum that was originally a mansion from the Golden Age. All my doors today are from the Driehaus Museum, 40 E Erie St, Chicago, IL. The grand front entrance gives a clue of what is inside.

The first door after the entrance doors is extremely elaborate and my photo does not do it justice. Many of the interior doors are pocket doors that appear to be intact and just not visible. The doorway that the pocket door is in is almost two feet wide.

Many of the doors that would have closed rooms off have been removed. Because this is no longer a family home and the rooms need to be open to allow visitors to travel through easily. The main floor is very much furnished as it would have been at the time, the next two floors have minimal items in them but are still quite beautiful.

The final door is very much a modern door for access and looks as if it replaces a door that would have been used by the household help but certainly does not detract from the exterior.

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Thursday Doors – Random

I like to invent a theme or find a theme among the houses I am taking a photo of the doors. This week, these were some of the doors I walked past on my way home from the farmers market. No theme emerged nor a pattern.

These are all large nice houses near the lake and down a street I don’t usually walk. The fun for me was just looking at the house styles and large trees and yards. Kind of boring but very pleasant.

I did find a bounce house for a child’s party and I simply couldn’t pass it up. We know there must be a door but it was safely away from the road. So Happy Birthday to the lucky child. I think I need the adult version for my next birthday.

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Thursday’s Doors – Downtown

I could not pass up the doors downtown this week. All of these are on my favorite type of buildings, the older ones. No stop to check the actual dates because I was on my way to the theater. I do not want to be that person.

Door to the bridge tenders room.

We have many of these buildings, 2 on each bridge. The place for the person who operates opening the bridge to allow tall ships to pass through.

Opera House doors, maybe 30 foot opening.
About 20 feet high.
City Hall doors.
Monument with Standing Beast

This is a fiberglass sculpture by Jean Dubuffet. I chose to include this because the openings could serve as doors and you can walk through this. It’s also not that old. Unveiled in 1984, so I threw in a ringer this week.

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Thursday Doors – Multiple

Today we have a small selection of buildings with multiple doors on one side. These are the main entrances for a museum, an art institute and a church remodeled into apartments.

Chicago Field Museum of Natural History

This museum has 5 doors across the front of the building on this side only.

Art Institute of Chicago

The lion statue has just come back after going away for a fresh look. There are 2 lions and 3 doors at this front entrance. The lions last were cleaned from the elements 21 years ago. They certainly look fresh and new.

Old church now condos.

I think this is the name it used to be from the adjoining building.

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Thursday Doors – Irish

I had the pleasure of going to a concert with The High Kings from Ireland performing. This happened at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago. The front entrance is quite grand with 3 flags flying over the 3 doors.

On one side of the building was a canvas canopy over the doorway with a lovely Celtic Knot as decoration. In the back of the building again 3 doors but with a massive tree and branches everywhere.

The fourth side had a door with the word “Entrance” carved in stone and a door tucked way back with a ramp so things can be wheeled in.

Then we have the interior doors with beautiful Celtic symbols painted above them.

Front Doors – with US, Irish and City of Chicago flags.

While not doors I added a photo of the stone work embedded in the sidewalk in front of the building. Also a rendering of the structure of the building. This looks as if it may have been a school at some time.

The concert was excellent #TheHighKings are a delightful group. I am not alone in saying they had me laughing and crying and loving every minute.

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Thursday Doors – In A New Direction

I walked in a different direction today and found some fun stuff to share. Not a door but a roof. I was delighted to see this house with solar panels all over. Both house and garage have panels so they face all directions to collect.

I was near this home and hearing a rooster crow and not a dog barking as I walked past. That and the gentle tik, tik, tik of a sprinkler were my favorite sounds today.

Here are a couple of houses dressed for summer with flowers, signs and more.

Also spotted a really fun backyard garden.


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Thursday Doors – Peoria

I recently traveled to Peoria, IL to visit a museum and while walking around town I found a few doors. There will be a couple of other posts some about doors and some about the other fun things I discovered. It’s very interesting what finds you make if you are in a new place and have free time to explore.

I think this is a bird house. It was in the window of a resale shop that was closed at the time.

What a magnificent door.

Here is the information about the building and the building itself.

This building was near the city center and several municipal buildings. Court House and Police Headquarters were nearby.

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