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Thursday Doors

Enjoying a nice sunny day and walking in a historic area of Chicago I picked up a few doors. These were all on one side of one block. There are many more to be discovered.

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Challenge #49 Gnome 1 Human 0

This challenge comes from a small writing group.  We have a large series of random questions that we answer and share.  The goal is to answer at least one per week.  My personal goal is to do this for one full year. I am so glad this is almost over, it has now reached the tedious level and I have no plans for after it’s over. I know the writing group is getting together but I have not been brave enough to attend a gathering of that sort yet.

Side note, after the fact.

I was attempting to write all during our 2020 pandemic and complete one of the prompts each week, the pandemic got the better of me and I just stopped. My mind is not so much in a better place but I am so bored I need to find something to challenge me, so here we go again and I try to complete the last few challenges. Here goes nothing.

Question: You have a garden gnome who comes to life overnight. What does he see?

This was a warm spring day and it was nice to play in the dirt, I thought it might be time to reset the decorative items in the front yard. Typically we have a garden gnome and a large concrete mushroom that goes next to the wire sculpture pieces out front. Just for fun I think we will put some of these in the back yard. I do embrace change and sometimes change things just for the fun of it. So my gnome and mushroom are happily sitting in the yard and my work outside is done for the day.

About 1 in the morning it sounds like one of the branches from our big old trees has come down. It’s too dark to see anything so I will go look in the morning.

The gnome is sitting next to the wire shaped in the form of a rabbit and the gnome starts laughing. He is telling the rabbit how he saved his own life by moving in the back because a huge branch just fell from that old oak tree right on the spot he used to sit in. Now what level of thought process did I use to get her to change my spot, nothing I just kept slowly turning towards the sun so one side of me was really faded and moving me was easier than repainting me. People are so easily fooled.