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Thursday Doors – Decorated

Many homes have the yards and windows decorated for Halloween. I found a few city doors that let you know something fun is soon happening, but are nor over the top. A few in the area change after dark and with darkness show their ghostly lights – I’m skipping those.

Happy Halloween 🎃


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Today’s Blooms – Look Down

Today’s Blooms are from street art I recently encountered. We have already had some early frost and snow so the outdoor Blooms are pretty much restricted for several months. My thought was to move it inside then I remembered this beautiful space.

Walking down the street I encountered some beautiful street art. I have a lot of those photos from the sides of buildings and 30 feet tall. I took a lot of those photos while living in Alaska which got me started here.

This is my first encounter with it looking down. These are sidewalks painted by various artists. Most are at intersections and are walked on daily. Beauty is truly all around us.

I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon a new way to see flowers and all their beauty in a different form.


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Thursday Doors – Halloween Starts

It’s October and in some households Halloween had already begun. With a small change to these doors some are ready to welcome all the costumed visitors. As a child Halloween lasted, in my mind, at least 2 months long. First trying to decide on a costume, next pulling together all the components to create it. Finally being on an extreme level of sugar high for a month eating all the candy I collected.

With considerable restraint I offer up a few houses that have begun the Halloween decorations. Since I don’t know any of the people living in these homes, it may be all the decorating they do. I really like the ease of putting 2 uncarved pumpkins by the front entry.