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Sea Lions & Bears, Oh My

My recent voyage off the coast of Alaska brought me up close and personal with many wonders of the universe.  It was an all day outing and before we even got out onto the ocean there was a sea otter just lounging in the frigid water as if were his backyard pool.


From there it only got better.  We had a very special day that I will be forever grateful for.  During the travels we had 5 separate sighting of whales.  These were humpback whales which are enormous.  First we would see one or two blows, that spray of water straight up out of the ocean, then the body of the whale would surface.  As they dove back down the tail was the last thing visible.  I never took one picture, they were too fast for me.

whale tail

Much in life reminds me of quilts.

whale tail quilt

The other most unique thing was in 2 separate areas, miles apart from one another, we saw black bears swimming in the ocean.  The captain of our ship explained that it is not unusual for bears to swim but to see 2 in one day was a unique experience.  I did take a picture, but when I looked at it afterwards, it was only a black ball like thing on the surface of the water.

bear swimming

The ship stayed with the first bear to make sure we did not scare him and he got to the island, shook off the water and wandered off. We also saw about 50 sea lions on the rocks of a small island just sunning themselves and resting.  Three separate sighting of eagles and lots of seals lots and lots of birds I will save for another post.

Truly a most magical day in the waters off the coast of Alaska.  All this came about because a co-worker found some information about a cruise and passed it on to me and I said Yes.






2 thoughts on “Sea Lions & Bears, Oh My

  1. I’d love to go to Alaska, you’ve made it sound really exciting too, sounds like a fabulous trip!


    1. Thanks. I fell in love with this state the first time I visited almost 20 years ago and this summer has just been like a total treat in more ways than I can describe. It will be hard to end my 6 months here. So don’t wait too long, make plans for your first visit!! Just say yes.

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