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Challenge 9 About Gentleman

This challenge comes from a small writing group.  We have a series of questions that we answer and share.  The goal is to answer at least one per week.


Describe what the term “gentleman” means to you.


My thoughts on how a gentleman behaves, in no particular order:

  1. Opens a door.
  2. Asks if he can help you.
  3. Looks you in the eye when talking to you.
  4. Offers to pay for something and remains gracious when you say no.
  5. Walks on the curb side as you are walking together on a sidewalk.
  6. Lets you win a game, occasionally.
  7. Offers you the remote.
  8. Does not think his is the only opinion that matters.
  9. Honest at all times.
  10. Respects all women.
  11. Offers to carry your whatever.
  12. Does not talk over you in conversation.
  13. Really listens to what you say.
  14. Neat and clean.
  15. Not afraid to show emotion.
  16. Sense of humor.
  17. Has both a soft and a hard side.
  18. Truly cares about others.
  19. He can cook a full meal.
  20. Asks for help when he needs it.
  21. Honorable, humble and helpful.
  22. Supports you, actively.
  23. Practice self-control.
  24. Open minded.
  25. Patient and generous.

I must admit,  I had some help on this.  We all have our own opinion on what a gentleman or gentlewoman means.  I did ask several friends what they thought and included their answers in with mine.  Some said it all depends on how he treats his mother or the wait person or a dog.  All good and valid points, but I was really going for specifics that perhaps could be defined.

While I was looking for 10 things that define a gentleman, we came up with 25.  How many did I miss, what would you add to this list?


2 thoughts on “Challenge 9 About Gentleman

  1. Good list, I couldn’t really come up with anything else as you covered
    “Considers your point of view in disagreements, rather than brushing your opinions aside” in No. 8.


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