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Alaska State Fair


We have seen the news reports over the years about the giant food they grow and display in Alaska.  Well it’s true, here is a small sample.


The pumpkin named Wally that weighed over 477 pounds and stood about 3 feet high.  One of the giant breeds and with this collection of ribbons I would suspect they will save some seeds for next years entry.


An amazing cucumber over 20 pounds.  We have seen zucchini this size before  and they had an assortment of those as well.



How many stuffed cabbage rolls do you think this would make?


Tomato soup anyone.



Might want to add 1 green bean or 1/2 of  these giant carrots  to that soup.  There were so many more, but I don’t want to bore you all.  Giant potatoes and onions and beets and rutabaga all had their spot on the display.


I simply had to include this food themed quilt with this food.  This is only a small portion of the fair, more to follow.




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