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Climbing Diamond Head

diamond head

What a great experience.  This is not the tallest mountain to climb, nor the most difficult.  We were advised it would take a couple of hours to do this and that seems pretty accurate. This is a volcanic crater and the summit is just over 750 feet.  The name is synonymous with the Hawaiian Islands and a fun part of the island experience.

The volcano has been extinct for 150,000 years and it is called Diamond Head because  the British seamen saw crystals and thought they found diamonds.  The park admission price is only $1.00 per person or $5.00 per car, but the parking lot is small.

You enter through a tunnel into the crater bottom and walk up via a paved pathway for the first part. Along the way, the views of the crater itself are quite beautiful.  As you get higher up, in some areas there is a hand rail and the path becomes a bit narrower and steeper.

Nearest to the top are 2 ways to ascend, one is a set of stairs that are steep metal stairs.  The other starts with concrete stairs that lead into a steep 225-foot tunnel that leads to a circular staircase and you climb out of a window in an old bunker to the breathtaking view.


Make sure you bring water, as once you begin the climb as there is no way to purchase anything.  Snacks if you feel you will need the energy. Also be aware that it is usually quite windy, so a light jacket or cover is sometimes needed.  And on most days, it will be sunny and there is no real cover from the sun.


We saw all ages on the paths and at the top. At the bottom, by the entrance to the park,  is a gift shop, bathrooms, a food stand and picnic benches in the shade.

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