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Vote for Me!

No Facilities

Or not. It’s not like I’m running to be the next guy to attempt to sink the ship of state. No, I’m just submitting an entry in Linda G. Hill’s kinda-sorta-annual One-Liner Wednesday Badge Contest.

I entered last year, too. I didn’t win. I didn’t win the popular vote or the Electoral College vote. I got a few votes, the winner didn’t win by a landslidewide margin bigly amount. But, he won, and I liked his badge.

I have a ton of pictures of birds on this particular intersection of wires. Maddie and I pass them almost every Saturday, and they’re up there yammering up a storm. I’m not sure what birds talk about. Maybe good places to eat, good trees to nest in, that crazy red dog approaching, that guy with the camera, who knows. Anyway, I gathered a few of my favorites and I asked my…

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