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New Challenge

This is in response to a small writing group that I have joined.  The challenge is to write a short story based on an assigned plot.  One per week is the requirement, and the hope is we will do more than one each week.  Right now I am so busy that I am having a hard time finding time to do anything, but I will try. This is meant to improve our skills in all aspects of writing so even a little bit will be an improvement.

The subjects are all over the place as are the styles, some are mystery while some are fantasy. Today’s is a poem about the woods with a specific word requirement.  If any of this makes sense to you, feel free to comment or correct any things you read that need help.  Thanks for your patience with me during this trial writing.


It’s springtime.

A warm sunny day in May.

Karen came with me today for an early morning walk in the woods.

We are following a nice gentle shady path.

Even with all the trees not filled with leaves the shade is everywhere because there are so many trees here.

Suddenly our chatter scared a deer.

She jumped out of the brush and took off through the trees.

We caught our breath and then we continued on the path.

I then noticed something along the path to my right.

It was a morel.

One of the top ten best types of mushrooms in the universe!

I did a happy dance in the middle of the path in the woods.


I came back the next morning by myself with my little mushroom bag to see what tender morsels I could find.

I was rewarded by a dozen great morels to show for my attempt at a healthy lifestyle.

Occasionally good deeds are rewarded.

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