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Challenge #6

This is based on a small group challenge, to write something based on a series of questions and to try and complete one per week.  I did not get anything posted for a little while, with a grandson back in town visiting and Thanksgiving I was pulled in different directions and got no writing done.  Let’s hope I stay on track until the next holiday.


Is there a childhood activity or tradition associated with a holiday that you still practice.  If not, why not and how has it changed over the years.

My first thought for this has to be something about Christmas.  We had lots of traditional things we did and I have created some new traditions for my children.  So, trying to pick just one and a grandchild said let’s go cut down a tree this year.  OK this is the tradition to talk about.

Cutting Down A Tree


When I was a very young child we had live trees every year but never went out as a family to cut one down, I have no idea when tree farms came about to do this.  At about age 7 or 8 my father decided to sell live trees.  He rented a store for the month of December and had a truckload delivered and his business was open.  All of my siblings and  I worked at something in the store.  This went on for several years and I always looked forward to being a part of the activity.  Eventually my parents purchased a farm that was planted with trees and the trees came from our own farm.

As a mom we lived near a tree farm that was selling trees that you cut down as a fund raiser for  a local home for disabled adults.  So when I wasn’t visiting my parents and bringing back a tree, we would go and cut down a tree. This was a hay ride out into the fields to find the perfect tree and we were the lumberjacks to cut it down, then catch a ride back to the barn.

At the barn they helped tie the tree to our car and we went inside for some hot chocolate and cookies.  Then home to set up the tree.

Living alone for a number of years I switched to buying one from the Boy Scouts or using an artificial tree or some years no tree at all.  So the suggestion surprised me and was  pretty well talked down by all around.  Due to allergies or the high cost of a tree or how cold it would be outside or the amount of time involved in the project.

So, I came up with an alternative.  Let’s go to the tree farm, dressed for the weather, and find the perfect tree.  Rather than cutting it down, let’s just put a pretty ribbon on the tree and leave it for the next family.  Next into the barn to buy some hot chocolate and cookies and give a donation to the organization and not cut down a tree.  We get to have the fun experience and memories without setting any ones allergies off.

Wishing you an early Happy Christmas.























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