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It’s The Birthday Post

I have chosen to keep it at Kathy70 for the blog name and not update every year, when I started this journey I was 70 and very excited about living in Alaska for 6 months. This year I will be 76 and still not changing the blog name. I am excited about being 76 and have threatened to sing “76 Trombones” every chance I get all day long. (Little to none are the chances of that.)

Not much has changed in my universe, I’m still retired, I still live in the midwest and I have added a couple of cities to my travel. Since the world closed I have not been out of the country since 2019 and am itching to go. So we have a war going on, price of everything through the roof and not enough pilots to run all flights scheduled. (Wah wah in the background.)

I love celebrating my birthday in a casual way. I do celebrate every year not just the biggies because I am grateful just to be here. Out to lunch with friends, coffee break with an overpriced cuppa, or the family going to a hot dog place to eat. Maybe in a couple years when I hit the next milestone year we will do it up bigger. So Happy Birthday to me.

Celebrate you in your way. What’s your favorite thing to do?


3 thoughts on “It’s The Birthday Post

  1. Happy Birthday! I’d love to have started an decade with Alaska and added many cities along the way. Celebrate? Food of some kind, at least a nice sized bowl of ice cream with a wonderful topping. Hope the world opens back up for you. πŸŒβœˆοΈπŸ§πŸ’–

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