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Thursday Doors – Golden Age

Recently I was able to tour a museum that was originally a mansion from the Golden Age. All my doors today are from the Driehaus Museum, 40 E Erie St, Chicago, IL. The grand front entrance gives a clue of what is inside.

The first door after the entrance doors is extremely elaborate and my photo does not do it justice. Many of the interior doors are pocket doors that appear to be intact and just not visible. The doorway that the pocket door is in is almost two feet wide.

Many of the doors that would have closed rooms off have been removed. Because this is no longer a family home and the rooms need to be open to allow visitors to travel through easily. The main floor is very much furnished as it would have been at the time, the next two floors have minimal items in them but are still quite beautiful.

The final door is very much a modern door for access and looks as if it replaces a door that would have been used by the household help but certainly does not detract from the exterior.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Golden Age

    1. I thought this was such an amazing find. My newest favorite museum and very easy to cover the building in just a few hours. Equally a rival to the mansions in Newport. Incredible woodwork throughout and the rooms that they have restored some of the furniture are beautiful. IT sounds like I am gushing, and I am, the stained glass throughout is also noteworthy. If any of those areas appeal, it is well worth a stop when you are in Chicago.

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  1. Old elegance! It’s beautiful. The view through the main door made me think of Kungsholm so I googled and found that, yes, it’s the same neighborhood. It’s been so very long since I’ve been there, and I very much enjoyed the nostalgia along with the beauty. Thank you!

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    1. Yes it is the same area as Kungsholm. Sadly the restaurant in that building closed last year and I have not been in the area to check it out and see what is going in that same space. I certainly hope they retain as much of the original as they can.

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  2. We have three pocket doors in our home — two upstairs and one downstairs. Our contractor said he HATED pocket doors and tried to talk us out of them but I insisted that they be installed as called for in the plans. I happen to like them — they remind me of my grandparent’s home and the pocket doors in their home.

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    1. Thanks, because this home has been turned into a museum they are very protective of everything inside of it. All photos had to be taken with no flash and most of the windows are shuttered against the light.

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